July 9, 2010
I trust everyone enjoyed a wonderful July 4th weekend. It was nice having a long weekend and soaking in the sensations of summer. It was particularly nice this year because we have not even hit the triple digits here yet! This is very unusual for us here in Texas and we are not taking a moment for granted. We’ll take the 90’s anytime. I do hope those of you on the East coast get through this hot spell….believe me, we live with it for three months usually here in Texas, but we are much more acclimated and prepared for it here. So, we are really appreciative for our “cool” weather here. (relatively speaking).
As the heat rolls through, it is very important that we remember two very important things. Try to keep all of your animals hydrated with fresh clean water available at all times, and never, ever leave them in the car even for a short time in this heat. Small dogs can overheat much more quickly than we can and they should never be left in the car.
I hope everyone is enjoying summer vacations and some “down” time. It seems like the 4th of July sort of marks the half-way point of the summer and from now forward we are gearing up for the Fall and all the activities that will come with that.
Summer is a great time to introduce a new puppy to the family, especially if there can be a few weeks of real bonding and training time. Then, when the Fall comes, and routines start falling into place again, the pups are acclimated and adjust more easily to the normal routines.
We have some very beautiful babies coming up and I would love to send you more pictures or more information if you are interested.
Hope you have a great summer day!

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