June 25, 2010
Well, the heat is definitely on here in Texas and we are in the mode of doing whatever we can to stay cool. The dogs have a “doggy pool” and they love it! It is so entertaining to watch them play.
Our Spring puppies are almost all done and they are with the most wonderful families. I have gotten some of the nicest emails in the last few weeks and I SO appreciate your feedback and the pictures, etc….it makes me love what I do even more.
We have two final litters that have been born in the last few weeks and these will conclude our summer litters. I will have details up on these babies soon. We hope to do some fun Fall breedings, but that is not on the radar screen yet.
I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing summer and taking advantage of summer activities. Remember that your puppies get hot too, so keep them supplied with lots of nice fresh water at all times.
Some pom owners like to get their babies a summer cut, especially those of you in the warmer climates. Just remember that their coats are a source of cooling as well as heating, so be sure to leave a few inches of their coat and don’t trim too close. That way, they can be nice and cool, as well as adorable in their little summer “do”.

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