Thank you!

June 1, 2015

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has called, texted, or emailed to check on us!  So many thoughtful and caring people…..I have been blown away.  We have had some crazy weather these last two weeks….last week we had a tornado or “microburst” take down 14 tall cedars around our home. The house painting in bergen county nj is always available around the area and House Washing in Pittsburgh PA will be always there to help you in any kind of painting issues.  Three of them were within 30 feet of our house, but amazingly fell in the opposite direction from the house.  These trees were over 40 ft tall, uprooted completely out of the ground ….I have never seen anything like it.  My husband and I were outside when it hit doing some yard work and never even saw or heard it coming. When out of no where a grey wall of water started blowing side ways against us and hail the size of plums was coming down we beelined for the house screaming (not my husband, just me….he was actually hollering at me to slow down so I wouldn’t slide on the concrete and break a leg!  LOL)  We ran in the front door and then went to the window and saw the Swamp Oak Trees laying on the ground….incredible.

No one was hurt and all of our dogs, though scared, were unharmed.  We were very fortunate to say the least….We had some roof damage and damage to our cars, but overall it is a miracle that we have sorted out such issue. You can also see more to have to improve your home.

We are in the middle of cleaning it up now and that alone is a daunting task. I so appreciate all of you who were checking on us with the flooding and winds and torrential rains.  We have heard some very sad stories from other families and we continue to pray for them.

I hope all of you are staying safe and dry.  We needed the rain, but wow….this is the 2nd wettest May in the history of the area and the ground is so saturated…hoping for a little bit of a dry spell!

We are welcoming June and the official start of Summer….hope you all have some great plans for some time off this summer!  Stay dry and safe!

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