March 4, 2013
It seems like just a weekend ago that I was putting up my Christmas decorations and now it is Spring! I just love this time of year. Everything is springing with new life and such beauty in every detail. Have you every picked a tiny little purple flower in the grass (the size of a BB) and really examined it?! The detail is magnificent and its glory goes so unnoticed…I hope I will always take time to relish in the small beauties around me. Life can tend to be so fast paced and hectic, sometimes we miss so many things.
The bees are coming out of the beehives in groves and searching for the ever present pollen and nectar and loading up their tiny bodies with goodies! It seems to me it would be like being pregnant with two babies….one on each thigh at full term and then deciding to take flight! How do they do it?!
The grass is growing at an unimaginable rate that I cannot keep up with, but the puppies love it! It is soft, and cool, and rustles in the breeze and I am finding them rolling and jumping and frolicing in it and having such fun….I almost hate to cut it! Well it gives me a good excuse to procrastinate anyway…LOL
We had SO many puppies just after Christmas this year but this Spring the “girls” are being a little nicer and spreading out the litters at a more normal pace. We have three little guys still available from current litters and we are so excited about some litters coming up in April. I will have several new mamas giving birth for the first time this year and we are so excited about the colors and coats from these new ones. I expect this nice Spring weather will bring on some new “courting” as well and maybe the beginnings of some summer litters…who knows? 🙂
We are all enjoying this gorgeous weather (sorry to all of you up North, but believe me you will be relaxing outdoors when we are collapsing inside this summer from the heat!) Spring has definitely “sprung” in Texas and we are truly delighting in the glory of nature as it unfolds. Happy Spring to you all!

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