Little Ragamuffins

March 8, 2015

Well it is a lazy, grey, rainy Sunday afternoon and although all of our little poms have the option to stay indoors (they have a doggy door), they prefer to be out in the rain just like my kids used to.  I am watching them as they run and wrestle in the wet grass and they all look like strange creatures from outer space with wet dirty hair dangling down their sides…yuck!  But they are having fun!  Once they have been indoors for an hour or so, they will return to the beautiful poms I know….all of the “dirt” will be left on the floor for me to pick up but they will be pretty again….it is a phenomenon I don’t quite understand, but hey, a lot easier to get out the broom than to wash all the pups!  🙂

Spring is just around the corner….and most of you know that is my favorite time of the year….I love seeing life spring up everywhere.

Blessings to you this Sunday….hope you and your pom babies are staying warm and dry!


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