January 8, 2009
Wow…I haven’t written ’09 very much yet….it still seems almost impossible that we could be 9 years into this century already. With Christmas and New Year holidays behind us, I feel like we are off to the races this year….
We have lots of puppies and have been doing lots of “puppy tending”. It is a lot of fun, but SO much work! I feel like I have toddlers again and so many diapers to change! “grin”
Five of our babies are going home this week and we will miss them terribly, as we start to get attached even when we try so hard not to. My daughter has been home from college and she will miss them the most I think! We are so happy about where they are going and that makes it much easier.
We have some GORGEOUS little white boys available right now…some of the prettiest we have ever had. We are expecting two new litters by February as well. Be sure to let me know if you are interested in a particular puppy or breeding. We have a very busy Spring planned and then we will be taking a break for a little while, so if you are considering adding a new addition to your home, this is a great time.
Dog World magazine will be featuring the Pomeranian breed in their April issue, so be sure to look for it in the stands in March. Pomeranians are the best!

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