September 8, 2011
My heart is so very heavy as I write. It seems as though weeks have passed since Sunday, when it has actually only been a few days. So much has changed….so much devastation….so much loss.
So many of you have been emailing and texting and calling to check on us….I have been overwhelmed with the love and support and the prayers of so many people.

Most of you have seen on the news that over 40,000 acres of land has burned in Bastrop County, TX and over 1300 homes have been destroyed. We know that all 11 acres of our land has been burned, but we think that our home may have been spared. We have not been allowed to go back in yet to asses the damage, but are waiting and trying not to be anxious.

We, as well as all of our pups are safe and staying with family about 45 minutes from our home. We have fostered out several of our dogs hoping to make their lives as well as ours a little easier while we are displaced.

We have had two new litters of pups (now sharing a bedroom with us) since last weekend. They are all doing well and have been a nice distraction for me in the midst of so much sadness.
I will be sending out birth announcements with pictures soon. They are all adorable and such miracles born in the middle of so much uncertainty.

Please be patient with us as we are dealing with so many new life decisions each day.
Thanks again to SO many of you who have lifted our spirits and encouraged us so much with your texts and emails.

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