February 25, 2015

Only in Texas can you be in shorts and getting a sunburn the same week you are wearing your long johns and it is snowing outside….never a dull moment here!  There are so many areas of the country in deep freeze right now and scary, awful weather….our prayers go out to you all…but here in Texas it is freezing and snowing too, but well….even though there are two hour delays in the morning, the sunshine will be out later today and all will be forgotten!

Our little poms are so confused too….the butteflies and bees were just out earlier this week and now…snow? really?  We are all snuggled in and enjoying the last of the winter.  As soon as this blows through I am certain life will be springing up everywhere!  My favorite time of the year….and so busy!

I hope you are all snuggled in too….if you are bored, you can scroll through my site and see some gorgeous little pomeranians and they will make you smile!  🙂


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