A Month for Love

February 6, 2012
I can hardly believe January is already gone and I forgot to say hello!
This is a crazy winter in Texas…I didn’t mow a single time last summer because the drought was so severe the grass could not even grow.  And now…I’m mowing in February!  crazy….

It has been a busy season and many of our pups are leaving us this week and next…such a beautiful bunch.  Always bittersweet to see them go, but wow, what a great bunch of people I have met to give them new homes.  We are so blessed.

We are down to the last few of our mid Winter babies and they are at such a cute stage.  They are running and chewing and tackling each other and “strutting their stuff” to see who is top dog.  Very entertaining….I get nothing done!  🙂

Pomeranians fill your heart with so much love….they truly are irresistible!  Never have I known such a sensitive and truly loving breed.   If you have never owned a pomeranian you have to have one to know what I’m talking about and for those of you who do have one….well, you know…..

BB delivered a gorgeous litter last week which I will be posting soon.
Five Girls!!!!!  We were really down on the girls this past year, so she is making up for the deficit!  All just beautiful…..three dark creams/light chocolate, one black, and one orange sable.  All were 4 to 4 1/2 oz. at birth and she delivered all of them in just an hour and a half…..she amazes me.  They are doing great and I hope to get pictures up soon.

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