May 14, 2013
Well this has been a whirlwind of a week….we have delivered two beautiful litters of pups, married our precious daughter, celebrated Mother’s Day with all four of our children and families and said good bye to so many loved ones that we rarely get to see….such incredible fun…so many blessings….but soooo tired! 🙂

Now comes the not so fun part….cleaning up weeks of tossing clothes….just not the right outfit, right?! ….putting off cleaning (definitely other priorities, lol)…..mowing and weed-eating….who has time for that when your daughter is getting married?!….losing all the weight that you just put on from all the parties and incredible food…:( Grooming dogs whose hair has suddenly grown an inch and on top of that…they have had SO much fun running through the new grass and stickers! Fun, fun getting all those out! ….unpacking….putting away…crying over memories….looking at photos…taking care of new babies and moms…the list goes on…..

Having said all that…it is good to be home and getting back to “normalcy” again if there is such a thing…I am looking forward to spending these last two weeks with my older babies and preparing them for their new homes, and my newest babies are just adorable….such a fun cycle of life. I also have a couple of new moms due in June so we are getting those mamas ready too…

Hope you all are enjoying the Spring before the summer sets in…..stayed tuned!
Have a terrific day….

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