April 8, 2013
Jazzy & Priscilla gave us two very beautiful new litters this week! Both identical in sex and coloring! What are the odds of that!! 🙂

All of our current babies are spoken for except for our little “Josie”….she is solid black and just as cute as she can be. Blacks are hard to photograph, but SO adorable!

BB is getting bigger by the day and we are watching her with eagle’s eyes….we are expecting some beautiful babies from her and hope she delivers soon. She is not due until the 12th of April, but there is a good possibility they will come before then so “stayed tuned”. 🙂

We have two other moms bred for litters due in May. We hope to get some beautiful cream/whites and maybe some parti colors from these two litters.

Please remember that I do not keep waiting lists so when my babies sell quickly, I always have to give preference to those who have a completed buyer’s questionnaire on file and then the first to actually confirm and place a deposit will get to adopt that baby. I usually have lots of inquiries and interest when they are born, so please do not be disappointed if they are not available when you have already expressed an interest in a particular pup. To be fair, I have to keep them available to everyone interested until I actually receive a deposit from someone.

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