June 25, 2011
This has been an incredibly busy week with many sleepless nights! But, ahhhh, the joys of being a Pom Mom. We had three litters born within a 24 hour period and between my husband and I we felt like we were running a maternity ward!

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I always get super nervous with the moms in labor but a triple just about did me in! LOL
Frequently the females will come into season around the same time, so it is not unusual to have two or three due within a few weeks, but this was a first for us! One was late and the other two were early, and the moon must have been shining just right because as I was dealing with Leila and in the middle of birthing, he announces that BB and Priscilla are acting “strange”! Well, those are the telling words, and within minutes BB was in her whelping box and within 15 minutes had delivered her first baby! It was extremely stressful as then Priscilla began nesting in her whelping box and continued through the night as Leila and BB finished up with theirs….I can truly look back and laugh now….whew, what a night! But I can tell you….it was nerve wrecking and I am just so glad all babies are here and moms are doing fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous bunch of newbies and I can’t wait to share photos this week. Everyone is resting and bonding this weekend, but I’ll get photos and information up this week.
Thanks to all of you who follow my website and have sent such sweet and encouraging words for all my new babies….I really appreciate it SO much!

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