January 26, 2009
Having raised four children, it is interesting to me how similar the stages of life are in humans and dogs. We have puppies in the infant stage, toddler stage, and I would even venture to say the infamous “teen stage”! LOL Seriously, the little toddler stage is so cute and their personalities are starting to come out. The ones with more dominant personalities are asserting themselves and the others either give it right back or shy away.

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If they shy away that makes them an immediate target! Well, they will get their revenge at a later moment when it is least expected! I love to watch them at this age. Missy’s little boys are so adorable and getting so playful. Will is leaving us this week and it is always hard to let them go. He is one of our favorites too, but he will be joining a wonderful couple in New Jersey and he is very lucky to have them. We will have lots of puppies this Spring, so if you would like to be receiving updates, just send me an email and let me know. We will be very busy in “puppyland”!

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