I have been contemplating this weekend how quickly life changes and how different the world is today from just a few days ago….Japan, the Middle East, more earthquakes today….wow…so much devastation in just a week, and so many lives changed forever.
Our prayers go out to not only the victims, but to all those now engaged in support for these people as well.

Interesting that all this would happen this particular week. This is my most favorite week of the year. Just a week ago, we were surrounded by a typical Texas winter…. brown… almost everywhere you look… brown… lifeless, colorless, the same…

We don’t experience the true change of seasons here like so many in other parts of the States, but this week, as I was glancing out into the trees around our home, my eye caught the glimpse of a brilliant purple. It literally took my breath away. There in the midst of the uneventful, stood the most beautiful tree with branches outstretched to the heavens laden with deep shades of purple. Spring has sprung!

The days following, each day something new and lovely is bursting out. You never realize how many shades of green exist until the first week of Spring. An artist’s palette could not contain them.

There is something so deep in my soul that is so sparked by the newness and beauty that Spring holds….the hope that it yields with each day.

As I enjoy the new life and beauty each day, I am struck again by the thought of the devastation in Japan. Even so, in the midst of death and devastation, I know that newness and life are bursting out there as well. Japan is one of the most lovely places. My son served on the Naval base there for three years and the pictures he brought home of the vibrant flowers and landscapes (that you can see here) is breathtaking. What contrast….but I pray it gives them a sense of hope. Our prayers continue to go up for them.

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