June 18, 2013
I know so many of you were very excited about Blossom and Taz’s beautiful litter. Sadly, after a long and difficult labor, only one puppy was born, and she was stillborn. Sometimes, when there is only one puppy, it can be a much more difficult labor and delivery since the puppy is usually much larger, with more space to grow in. We suspect that the baby had probably even died before birth, which made it even more difficult.
Even though things like this happen, it is still difficult when it does. Blossom is a little frantic since her body and her hormones tell her there should be a baby nursing, so it will be a difficult couple of days for her, but she will eventually bounce back and there doesn’t seem to be any reason that she can’t go on to have other successful deliveries as she has had in the past. We are so sad for her, and for all those anticipating her darling puppies.
I do have three litters due in July….two of them first time pairings and two of them are new mamas whom I still have to post on my website, so please be patient with me….I hope to have them up this week. We are so excited about these litters and expect beautiful, happy babies.
I have a new granddaughter due to be born around the 4th of July, so we are joyfully preparing for that as well…so much new life and so exciting! 🙂

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