August 4, 2018

Summer is always challenging here in Texas because of our extreme heat and other various elements.  We have all kinds of critters that other states don’t necessarily deal with, like mosquitoes, ants, crawly critters, etc…..I have never known life without them, but I can certainly imagine it!  I can dream, can’t I?!    🙂

It has been a strange summer here in Texas, with extreme heat in May, then relief, then again in July, then relief….all the while watching the fire danger increase.  Living in the midst of the Piney Woods and having survived two wildfires in the last decade always keeps us on edge!  We find our poms doing exactly what we wish we were doing…laying around in the cool air conditioning and only wanting to go out for VERY brief periods. It might seem lazy, but we call it here in Texas, “surviving”.

We are coming in to the last long stretch of heat for this year and this is where it gets really challenging….tired of the heat by now we daydream about the first “cold” front. (That means temps in the low 90’s here.  LOL)

Two of my moms are pregnant right now and their delivery date is fastly approaching.  They do not leave my side unless I need to go outside for some reason…at that point they stop and look at me like, “really? no thank you….I will wait for you inside..”  It is really hysterical and so strange that they can be so human!  But hey….I feel their pain.  🙂  Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

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