September 9, 2014

This is the hardest time of the year for us here in Texas.  We have endured the heat and the humidity all summer and at times you feel you cannot endure one more minute.  It has been a reasonable summer as far as the heat goes, but even so….about now I long for a breeze of really cool air.  It should be anytime now….we almost always get a little hint of Fall in the 2nd or 3rd week of September….just enough to give you hope and then it turns hot again until October/November.  But at least it spurs you on to think Fall really will come!

We have two new litters on the ground and believe it or not only one little boy left to find a new home.  All of our babies are doing well and moms are loving their new babies.   Watching the moms as they grow and mature with each new litter is such a privilege and I’m always learning new things!

We are in the process of breeding several of our moms for Late Fall/Early Winter deliveries…great diversity in color which is always fun. I will be posting the upcoming litters as soon as I’m sure which ones have taken.

Just as a reminder….I have started waiting lists for specific color/sex combinations, so if you are hoping for something in particular let me know and I will get you on the list.

Hope you all have had an amazing Summer and are gearing up and getting back to “normal”, whatever that is!  LOL


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