December 9, 2013
Well, we are approaching the final days of 2013…how fast the year has gone. It has been an incredible year and as we wind up the final days and look back at the year, both my husband and I agree that this year has been the best year we have ever had in terms of healthy beautiful babies born here at Dee Dees. We have been so fortunate this year and have had several “firsts” in terms of color, unusual markings, etc…. Our mamas are just blowing us away with babies they are having….it is like having Christmas all year round!

All of our 2013 babies have now been born and we are so grateful for such an incredible array of little beauties. We are looking forward to 2014 hoping it will be another wonderful year.

We are getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season (wasn’t it just Thanksgiving!!). I absolutely refuse to buy bigger pants, but this much good food this close together is really tightening my belt! 🙂

I hope in the midst of all the chaos, shopping, traffic, etc., that we all can enjoy the Spirit of the Season and remember that this can be the loneliest time for some. There is always someone we can reach out to even when we feel lonely too. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to reach deep inside and give from our heart in ways we have never given before.

I hope those of you in the deepest cold areas are staying warm. It has been below freezing here in Texas for three straight days and we are enjoying a REAL fire in the fireplace! It really feels like winter here. I’m sure it will be 80 degrees here again in a few days, but for now we are loving it! 🙂

Enjoy this season, and as always, let me know if you see a new baby that tugs on your heart. We have some gorgeous little babies available right now. There are so cute I’m wanting to keep several! My husband keeps having to reign me in!

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