One Christmas Boy Left!

December 14, 2010
Well, we only have one adorable little baby boy left. Our beautiful boy Eli. He was always one of my favorites….it is so interesting to see how they are selected….he must have somewhere very special to go.
He will only be available for a few more days and then we will make him available again after the first of the year if he has not found his home yet. He is such a darling and sweet little guy and will fill someone’s heart with so much love! 🙂

It is such a beautiful time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and yet for many it is a time of extreme loneliness and even despair. With our economy the way it is, this Christmas may be especially challenging for many. I hope we can all remember to give the gift of our time and love this year to any and all who might be finding this time of year difficult.

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas, full of love and life, giving more than we have to give, with hearts expanding to meet every need. May you enter the New Year with great hope and expectations and new courage to face all the challenges life will bring.

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