December 9, 2010
Well Christmas is almost upon us once again. Everywhere I look there is such a spirit of excitement and “stirring” (maybe panic too! LOL)….we all love Christmas time….I wonder why that is….
It is such a time of wonder and a time where we actually think of other people more than our ourselves….don’t you wish we could do that all year?!

We have three adorable little poms still available and ready for love.
These are the only ones we will have left available before Christmas but we do have two litters that will be available late January as well.
We will NOT ship between December 20th and New Years Day. We have found in the past that the airports are too congested and there is a greater chance of the puppies being delayed and left in holding patterns during this time. So, if you are interested in one of these darlings before Christmas please be sure to plan for shipping before the 20th!

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