December 20, 2011

I love this season of the year for so many reasons.  There seems to be an upspoken desire in the hearts of so many people to be thinking “out of themselves” and actually looking to meet the needs or wants of other people.  Wouldn’t it be something if we lived like that all of the time!?

I love the festivities and the lights and the beauty that comes with all the decorating.  I love the anticipation of the kids and the wonder of the many stories told. I love the food….did I say I love the food?!  🙂
I love that we get to be with family….whether that means blood kin, special friends, or maybe just our furry friends….Christmas is a time to share life and make memories.

Mostly I love the reason we celebrate, and the hope and love and redemption that the story of Christmas is all about. There are so many lonely hearts at this time of year, and my prayer is that we would all take the loneliness or the hurts or the sadness that sometimes overtakes us this time of year and squeeze it out like a sponge as we see through new eyes and search for those around us to see who needs a hug, or reassurance or a kind word or a meal or……whatever the opportunity might be.  I have always found that to refill the love in my heart I just have to look outside of my own heart and finds opportunities to distribute love elswhere…..funny how that works.

I hope your Christmas is filled with opportunities to love….

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