October 21, 2009
Our beautiful girl “Jazzy” is getting very fat and is just beautiful when she is pregnant. She is due in 10 days and we are so excited to see what she will give us. In her line (mom’s side) is one of the most winning black poms in the history of pomeranians…”He Walks On Water”. We have mated her with our gorgeous white parti boy “Taz” who always gives us the most beautiful pups and this is a first time pairing, so we are excited to see what she will give us. We think she may only have 2, possibly 3, but either way, they will be very nice. Keep checking with us next week and I will try to post news as soon as she starts looking like she is close.
We have had several babies leave us this past week, so it is always fun to have new ones to look forward to.
Have a terrific day….

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