October 30, 2009
Well Jazzy surprised us in many ways today….she was not due until tomorrow and she surprised us by being a day early!
She also surprised us with FOUR babies when we were only expecting two! And to top it off…we have partis!
Here are the stats:
#1 born 1:30 p.m., blue or black boy
#2 born 1:48 p.m., tri parti girl
#3 born 2:30 p.m., black or blue girl with white markings…almost a parti, but more black/blue than white.
#4 born 2:50 p.m., chocolate parti girl
This was Jazzy’s first litter and she was AMAZING!
It was a classic, by the book whelping and we couldn’t be more proud of her. Mom and babies are all doing great. I haven’t gotten weights yet as I like to give the mom some quiet time after the birth to rest and “bond”. It makes the moms so nervous when I take away a baby even for a second. So…..I will let you know weights tomorrow.
It is a beautiful, cool, crisp fall day and what a blessing to have four beautiful babies!
I will post pictures sometime this weekend…such a gorgeous litter!

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