October 20, 2009
Thanks to some very nice people, I have once again been notified that photos have been stolen from my website and have been fraudulently placed with “oodle” and someone is trying to scam people with photos of my puppies. They are in the process of being removed but it is very difficult to catch the people that are doing this.
The internet scams seem to be increasing unfortunately, so I encourage you to always ask for updated photos, or photos other than the ones posted in ads or on the website and if possible speak on the phone at least once and ask pertinent questions. If the puppy is listed as “free” you should immediately be concerned. One of the scams is getting people interested in a “free” puppy and then charging them for plane ticket, crate, etc….and then never receiving anything. Make sure you are dealing with legitimate people who will also offer references and can give you current photos of the puppy you are interested in.
I am so grateful to those of you who look frequently and come across ads that you bring to my attention… are awesome!

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