March 29, 2014

What a whirlwind of a week!!  Three new litters born and some beautiful healthy babies which we are so thankful for.  I didn’t get hardly any sleep, so tonight I am going to get my PJ’s on early and CRASH!  This will be the first really good night’s sleep I’ve had all week (I hope! LOL)

All of our moms did fantastic and they are so proud of their new babies.  Always so fun to watch as their maternal instincts kick in so strongly.  Watching the babies being born never ceases to amaze me with the miracle of birth.  Only 63 days ago, a mere cell and now these gorgeous little creatures all wiggling and wanting to find their mama milk….just incredible.

We are expecting a couple of other litters in a few weeks and that will conclude our Spring litters.  Then the fun will begin as we watch them grow and change into the cute little furballs everyone is waiting for.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Spring!

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