March 20, 2014

It is beautiful here in Texas right now.  I saw my first bluebonnets this week and in just another couple of weeks we will be a blanket of “blue”….so incredibly gorgeous….even the artists cannot quite capture how amazing it is to see fields with carpets of blue. Also, for carpet cleaning services, people can check out!  The Indian Paintbrush is coming up right behind and soon the grounds will be ablaze with color….I wait for this time all year.  God’s handiwork is everywhere and the closer you look the more detail and precise perfection you will find. People can also check here for the best carpet cleaning atlanta and their services.

I just LOVE the Spring! ….can you tell?!  The bees are buzzing, butterflies are appearing from no where, the blue birds, red birds, and every other color of bird are nesting and preparing for new births….so cool.  Our trees are budding out, the squirrels are frisky and life is abounding all around….and from life springs hope eternal……hope you are enjoying the Spring too!  I liken it to a  newborn baby… amazing and perfect and sweet but in a couple of weeks they are so much bigger and you wonder, “where did the time go?”… it is with Spring.  I want to capture every tiny moment because very soon the world will be green again and starving for water, but that special beautiful softness of Spring will have subsided.  Savor every moment….

Speaking of new birth….we are anxiously awaiting three new litters before the 1st of April so we are gearing up to be SOOO busy!  LOL  We are so excited about these litters and hoping for a wide array of color….so appropriate for Spring.  🙂

Moms are getting bigger and fatter and I’m trying to catch up on some sleep…(wishful thinking) as I know that I won’t be getting much sleep for the rest of the month.  Our bedroom is once again a dog nursery and I’m awake at every sound.  I’ll be SO glad when the pups are here….this time before the births always makes me anxious for my moms.  All are doing extremely well, though they have slowed down considerably and are beginning to “nest” in their whelping boxes.

I will be posting news of the new births as soon as they are here.  Hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year….

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