April 21, 2013
I hope this finds you all enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It is so gorgeous right now in Texas and teeming with life and beauty. This time of year here is undescribable….the wildflowers mixes, the bluebonnets, the butterflies and all the young babies….baby calves, baby ducks, baby chickens, baby redbirds….we even saw a baby mole (not too cute :() the other day. New life is everywhere and of course I am particularly drawn to babies of any sort, so an especially fun time for me.

In the midst of all the tradgedies up East, as well as in West, TX…very close to home for me, I take comfort in the newness springing up everywhere. My heart is so heavy for the loss of so many families and truthfully the kind of evil that exists in people hurting people is incomprehensible to me. Life is hard enough without the destruction that we can cause to one another….ahhh,….just so sad.

Hard to transition from that, but on another note, we have three gorgeous little black babies who are available to bring lots of love and joy to someone out there. “Josie”, our gorgeous little solid black girl, “Benise”, our beautiful black girl with white chest and feet…so cute!, and last but not least, our fantastic black & tan boy, “Barron” who will be just magnificent as his coat begins to come in and show off those handsome tan markings…so interesting and lovely.
For those of you who are waiting for our lighter colors, we have litters coming in May that will produce the light creams, whites, partis, etc…
And for those of you who adore the merles….we have two new merle girls due to come in season at any time…hopefully producing some lovely little merles by summer.
I love all the new pics that have come in from past babies and love hearing from ALL of you! 🙂 Keep those updates coming….I feel like such a privileged mom to have so many cute babies out there! LOL

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