November 29, 2009
I hope everyone had a very fun and blessed Thanksgiving. It will take me weeks to digest all of my over indulgences, but with Thanksgiving a bit earlier this year, I think I still have time to save up for Christmas goodies! LOL
January will be a month of fasting and new resolutions, right?!, so we can do better then! 🙂
Our gorgeous, _and I do mean gorgeous!_ puppies are getting bigger and cuter by the day. This next week they will finally start looking like the adorable little puppies they are. Jazzy’s puppies are beginning to walk and play and Bella’s are just a week or so behind. I love this stage, they are SO cute. I will be getting new pictures this week so keep checking back….only a few still available.
We will be doing winter breedings in a few weeks, so we hope to have new litters by late winter/early Spring as well.
I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the extra week of shopping before Christmas this year.

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