November 21, 2009
I just love this time of year. I love that we have a holiday that combines “thanks” and “giving”. I think these are two of the most important things we have to incorporate into our lives to really experience the fullness life offers.
There is always something in our lives that we have to be thankful for and so important to take time to reflect and realize what those things are. Time passes so quickly and sometimes it is so easy to miss blessings that come our way and we often forget to have a grateful heart. Most of the time it is only a matter of perspective. When we take the time to actually stop and reflect on all that we have and place it in perspective of all the life that goes on around us we pierce the clouds that often surround us allowing us to see the true blessings that permeate our lives.

I wish you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving….I hope you will be filled with a grateful heart and have the opportunity to give and be so blessed in return.

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