November 16, 2009
Our last litters for 2009 have been born and we only have three little babies left. Jazzy’s litter will be ready to go the week of Christmas and Bella’s litter will be ready for their new homes about the 2nd week of January. I might let them go early for pick ups only if I feel they are ready, but Bella’s could not be shipped until they are at least 8 weeks old that 2nd week in January. These babies are all so cute and they are changing daily. I will have new pictures up this week. Please feel free to call or email anytime if you have questions about any of these darlings.
Have a great week…..we have a fire in the fireplace and love this Fall weather! _We have to get excited about fires in the fireplace in Texas when it is actually cold enough for one. Sometimes you get desperate when it is 80 degrees in December and put the air conditioner down really low so you can light the fireplace! LOL_

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