*We are proud to announce the birth of Bella’s beautiful new litter born November 8, 2009.*
Stats: #1 born 11:42 a.m., gold/champagne colored *_male_*, 5.4 oz; #2 born 11:55 a.m., blue merle *_female_* , 4.7 oz.; #3 born 11:58 am, cream *_male_* 4.8 oz. ; #4 born 12:38 p.m., black w/white markings *_male_* , 5.1 oz.
Pups and mom are doing well….pictures coming soon!
We have a deposit on the litter, so the blue merle female is currently on hold for evaluation. We will know in about 3 weeks if she is going to be available. If you are interested, we are taking names in case she becomes available. All three remaining babies are currently available and will be ready for new homes just after the first of the year, 2010. Wow…that sounds weird….ten years into this century already!

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