May 13, 2014
I was hoping to post this on Mother’s Day, but alas it got away from me. I had all of my little “chicks”…now grown and starting their own families, with me on Sunday….incredible, blessed day.
Wanted to send a “shout out” to all the moms I know…..couldn’t be a better job in the whole world.

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend, and if you are not a mom to a human kid….I hope you enjoyed your canine kids. 🙂

We are getting ready to send off so many of our little “kids” in the next few weeks and it is bittersweet as always. We fall so in love with them and it is hard to see them go, but knowing so many wonderful families will get to share in our love of pomeranians makes it really fun! Our family of “pom moms” (and dads of course) just keeps getting bigger and bigger and we are so grateful for all of you. We look forward to sending off our newest little ones and it will be just in time….we are looking forward to some new babies in June and will have a very busy month in the “puppy nursery”! Summer is a great time to add an additional pup to your family….great time to enjoy the sunny weather….go to parks….and really socialize those pups.

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