May 19, 2012
Well some of our Spring babies are starting to leave us and it is indeed bittersweet.  I love seeing the excitement on the faces of the new families when they see their new babies, but I have grown accustomed to their sweet faces and will miss them dearly.
We have had some of the most beautiful babies we have ever had this Spring and all of them so sweet.  The moms have been awesome and everyone has done so well.
May has been such a busy month for us so far, and I am a little behind on my updates and pictures, but we have had an unexpected death of an extended family member, a college graduation….hosted a wedding shower and then a wedding coming up in June, so I have been super busy.  I hope to catch up on my photos and updates this week for sure.
I hope everyone has enjoyed this gorgeous Spring and making great fun plans for the summer.  We have enjoyed the rains here so much after such a long drought and we are hoping this will not be a scorching summer like last year.
This is a great time to adopt a puppy if you have kids home for the summer….what a great time to add a new family member and have all summer to play!  🙂

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