April 29, 2012
Well, this has been one of the busiest Springs we have ever had and we are so excited about all of the beautiful babies our girls have given us.  Ruby delivered her litter on April 17th and she has given us four of the most unusual and gorgeous babies….three girls and one boy.
Pictures and stats should be up soon on the available page.
The very next day, Ellie gave us two gorgeous white boys….both very strong and just stunning.  I will have their pictures up sometime later in the week.
All of our mommas and babies are doing well and keeping us very busy!  Our house has babies in just about every corner!  🙂
I love it!  :)…..I know I’m a little crazy, but I just adore baby pomeranians and they are just irresistible.
We are officially done with all of our Spring litters now, so we will be spending our next few weeks taking care of all the pups on the ground.  I am trying to keep my website photos as up to date as possible, so let me know if you see one that tugs on your heart!
Each baby always makes someone so very happy, and that is why I LOVE what I do… much joy….so much love….so much fun! (and my husband would remind me….so much work!  LOL)

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