October 15, 2012
Those of you in the more northern areas of our country will no doubt find this amusing, but here in Texas, we appreciate every tidbit of color in the Fall. We have had some very nice and welcoming rains this month which have given rise to some gorgeous sunsets and some glimpses of Fall foliage (if you can call it that in Texas!) At least the leaves are tinged in color ….better than going from green to brown and then gone..LOL

Our pomeranians LOVE this time of year, as do we. The crispness in the air….the nice cool breeze…..sometimes a relief from the humiditiy….all makes for a relaxing swing watching the sunset. If we didn’t have to worry about the mosquitos giving us West Nile….well it would be almost perfect.

I love watching the Poms romping and really running and playing. No more lounging around trying to survive the heat…it’s more like “the game is ON….” I don’t think Pomeranians know how to play football, but it sure is entertaining watching them “team up” and run with the ball! LOL They are hysterical and always make us laugh with their antics. There is always one lurking in the background….waiting for the two toughest ones to make their moves and when they do, there is a sneak attack and “mission accomplished”… Suddenly the two challenging one another for the ball stop dead in their tracks…look around….”where is the ball?” Hilarious….

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Fall season as we gear up for the Holidays. We only have a couple of babies left who are ready for their “forever” homes (see “available puppies page”) but we have a couple of litters due to be born around the end of October. As always, it is hard to see my babies go, but always fun to begin preparing for new litters. I have two brand new mamas who will give birth in November so we are filled with anticipation about what they will have and how they will do.
I will be updating the “upcoming litters” page very soon. If you are interesting in getting a “first glimpse” at my new litters and are not on my “updates/notification” list, just send me an email and I will be happy to add you to it.
Happy Fall to everyone! 🙂

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