Whew! We made it!

July 10, 2015

Well we made it through the last two weeks and it is all just a blur.  We have delivered 7 litters, celebrated the 4th of July and two of our granddaughters birthdays with family in the last two weeks.  Throw in there a quick trip to Louisiana and well….there has barely been time to breath.  But I am taking a big “sigh” today and looking at all of these gorgeous little babies scattered throughout our house….we have been immensely blessed by good health of our mamas and gorgeous little babies.  This is the largest number of litters we have ever had give birth in such a short time frame.  And to top it off….only one “middle of the nighter!” I was prepared to lose so much sleep, but my mamas were all so nice to me to give birth mostly in the daytime….I am truly grateful for that!  My sweet husband delivered one all by himself and did a fantastic job.  He and “Muffin” are now forever bonded!  LOL

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend.  We had lots of fun and company here, but I spent most of the day between two litters being born….made for a very busy day!  We are so blessed in this country to enjoy the freedoms that we have and having a son in the military has given me a new appreciation of the sacrifices that have been made for this country!  Thanks to all of you have been a part of that.

Wishing you all a wonderful & fun summer.


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