I just wanted to publicly thank so many of you all for your kindness and patience these last two weeks.  Not only have we had a whole slew of puppies leaving this past week or so, but just in the last two weeks my husband nearly lost a finger in a chain saw injury (lots of trips to the doctor and very intensive hand surgery), my brother had an emergency surgery to remove one of his kidneys, and my dad had a 3 day notice to put in a pacemaker for his heart.  With all of this going on, I am a little behind on my photos and updates and I so appreciate all of the kind words and patience as we have made it through all of this.  Thankfully everyone is on the mend and feeling well!  🙂

Puppies are still going out this week and as always…bittersweet.  This has been one of the nicest groups of puppies we have ever had and we are soooo proud of them and so happy with the wonderful homes they are going to be a part of.

I hope everyone is winding up the summer well and getting ready for the Fall season.  We are anxiously awaiting the first hint of cool air to signal that maybe we will be done with triple digit heat….we are so over it by this time of year!  🙂

Blessings to all….


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