March 25, 2016

Spring is such a magical time.  One day everything seems brown and lifeless and admittedly a bit dreary….and then as if someone waved a magic wand, everything is so alive and bursting with life and energy.

In Texas, we do not have the privilege of seeing a great contrast in seasons as so many do in other parts of the country, but Springtime here makes it all worth it.  Every green tree appears to have a spotlight on it making the light dance in the fresh green leaves.  And everywhere you look….from the tiniest spot to the majestic rolling hills, you can find color somewhere….truly magical.  Right now our bluebonnets are emerging and dancing with the Indian Paintbrush and the Lazy Susans….makes me want to explode with this indescribable feeling of awe for the goodness of our Creator.  He didn’t have to make it so beautiful and stimulating for our eyes, but He did….and I am so grateful.  No matter how hard life gets and what struggles we face, somehow the simple beauty of Spring still casts its spell and can often put everything into perspective for me.

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring wherever you are.  Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you….we so often miss it in our busy world.

Our pups are growing and we are on the final stretch of getting many of them to their new homes in a couple of weeks.  Our poms seem to appreciate this time of year too….wish I could capture it in photos….they love to lay lifeless in the cool of the grass….I can’t tell you how many times I have run out to make sure they are alive…but they are just soaking up the warm suns rays as they enjoy the cool breeze…what a life!  🙂  It won’t last long here as once the temps start to rise we will ALL be seeking the coolest place we can find.  But for now…..I’m enjoying every second I can of this enchanting time.

This week I celebrate the new life that God has provided through the death and resurrection of His son….and I stand forever grateful.


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