March 5, 2012
I cannot tell you what the sight of gorgeous wildflowers waving and dancing in the sunlight does for my soul.
Last October after returning to my home after that horrendous wildfire here in Bastrop County, there was nothing but grey and black all around us.  Even though, thankfully, our home remained in tact, the beautiful green forest around us was completely destroyed except for a portion on one side.  Describing the scene is beyond my ability with words….just such an emptiness and lifelessness all around.
I knew in my heart that life would eventually return, but oh how sad to see things in that state…..so, of course I got right online and ordered wildflowers seeds, and I sowed them in November, and in December and then again in January.
Last month was so exciting as I began to see little bits of green emerging and this month the color has popped up like fireworks on the fourth of July!  Oh….what a beautiful sight! ….especially in contrast to the burned forest and fallen trees all around.  The combination of colors, shapes, and sizes is amazing and truly makes my heart sing….what an incredible Master Artist we have!  🙂
Everything is beginning to bloom early this year as we have had such a mild winter and the bees and birds are very busy all around us!
There is a special little “hop” even amongst all of our pomeranians…they are enjoying this warm sun and cool breeze as well.  The black ones like to hang out wherever there is shade and nice cool grass, and the others just run wherever they can and chew on all the different textures of leaves and branches, and whatever else they can find to play with.
I hope you are all enjoying the beginnings of Spring too, wherever you are.  There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than new life.
Speaking of “new life”, I have two new litters due the first part of March, so we are excitedly anticipating new babies which is always fun.
If you would like to be added to my updates/notification list, just send me an email and I will add you so you will be notified of new litters, etc.  Happy Pre-Spring!  🙂

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