Feb. 2, 2014
My last post was rather sad about losing Blossom’s babies last Friday. But I have to share one of the sweetest things that we have ever experienced here. Blossom was so sad as I was writing my last post and very engorged with milk from the lack of sucking from her new babies. I’m sure she was uncomfortable as well as very confused as to where her babies were.
After coming into my bedroom towards the end of the day, I was hoping to spend some extra time with Blossom to help console her loss, but instead I heard the sound of tiny puppies coming from Summer’s whelping box! She was not due for another 6 days, but there she was in labor and two already here! I immediately went into high gear and we got her into my bathroom to keep her separate from the other moms in my room. Blossom was about to lose her mind….she heard those tiny cries and was certain we had taken her babies. I could hardly bear to see her like that…pacing, scratching on the door, whining for the babies she desparately thought were hers…nothing would console her.
In the meantime, Summer went on to have 6 babies!! Twice what we were expecting and actually way too many for her to successfully raise. So…..once she was finished with labor and had her babies clean and comfortable, I gently “stole” two of them and went into the bedroom where Blossom was still anxious and pacing and whining and crying. I laid two of the babies in her box and she immediately jumped in and layed down. She let me put them on her teats and she did not move a muscle…in fact I have never seen her so still. She curled her little body around them and licked them over and then looked up at me….still as calm and still as I have ever seen her. She smiled at me and it brought me to tears….she was so incredibly happy to have babies again and the love she showed them was …..well I can’t put it into words. What a miracle….there she was with all that milk and no babies, and Summer would have had such a hard time trying to nurse them all….what a blessing. If she had delivered even a day later, Blossom’s milk would have begun to dry up. Such a sweet end to a very hard week.
We are SO excited about Summer’s babies and will have a litter picture up soon. She had 5 boys, 1 girl. Three black boys, one black & tan boy, and one light chocolate boy with some whitish shading. The little girl is a sable….not sure if she will be orange or cream sable….but beautiful. All are doing remarkably well and Summer doesn’t seem to mind sharing one bit… WOW…beyond sweet.

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