February 8, 2010
Well it has been an incredible weekend. BB delivered her gorgeous litter, and then Missy tragically lost hers. Missy is doing much better today and starting to act like herself again. She has to deal with the same hormonal fluctuation that we do ourselves after a miscarriage and although much quicker to resolve, it is still very hard on them. Our vet thinks she will be back to normal soon and for that we are thankful.

Dealing with the emotions of those two was plenty but then Paradise, one of our moms whom we bred, but didn’t think the breeding took, delivered a beautiful parti girl and a darling little boy Saturday afternoon! What a surprise! She typically delivers substantial litters and didn’t seem to be gaining any weight. (She’s a bit overweight anyway) And besides that, her last breeding did not take, so we assumed this one had not taken either. Well, after acting very strange for a few hours and starting to nest….she surprised us with two beautiful babies. She has given us some of our most beautiful pups through the last few years and we will retire her this year, so these precious babies are the grand finale of some great puppies and we are so proud of her and excited to have these babies. She is so proud of herself as well! She is the ultimate mom and has in the past, stolen pups from the other moms and carried them to her bed! We have to really watch her because she would mother them all! She is so funny! She will miss not having her broods, but it is time for her to relax and be a grandma after this breeding.
We will be keeping her little girl. The little boy will be available to some lucky family! I am working on getting pictures up today.
Thanks so much to all of you who have offered words of both condolence and congratulations….it means the world to me!

Two more moms are due within the next week, so my nights of sleeplessness are not over, but I may have a few days of reprieve. However, our bedroom is a maternity ward and I’m constantly up checking on either the moms or the babies… (my husband is threatening to sleep in the guest room for the week!) Just a few more weeks, and then hopefully everyone will be settled in with their new broods….then the real work begins! 🙂

I hope to be updating the site frequently, so keep checking back and I hope things are going well in your world!
Our prayers are going up for all those enduring the severe weather over so much of our country in the past few days…

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