Welcoming the New Year

January 5, 2018

Is it really 2018?!….this past year has been as fast as a merry go round.

This past year has been so full and I have learned so many things I never thought I would need to know….very difficult in so many ways, but rising to the challenges has made me wiser and stronger (I hope).

I know there will be many more new challenges this year, but I am facing this year head on….looking for the best and counting my blessings and promising myself to be thankful every day.   At this stage of life every day is a blessing and I want to use it well.

My goal for this year is to embrace all the things I have put on the back burner for so long now….trying not to have unrealistic expectations but one can dream, right?!  Seems like we start new big projects every year but this year I hope to finish some of those projects! LOL

We have retired a lot of our moms this past year and will retire several more this year so we have a lot of new moms coming up….always fun because we never really know what they will give us until the puppies get here.  We are super excited about all of our newest moms….very sweet and so pretty!  We have also added a new white stud that may be giving us some pretty babies by late this year…he is the sweetest little guy in the world.

I hope you are all looking forward to positive things this year and embracing the future with boldness and courage.  May this New Year be filled with Love, Laughter and Sweet Lemonade!!!


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