I have had an abundance of boys lately, and I have had so many people asking about the pros & cons to each, I have decided to repost a blog I wrote awhile back which gives you my opinion, for what it is worth. Always happy to discuss it further by phone or email if you would like to. Hope this helps for those who can’t decide!
From August ’08
The biggest complaint I often hear about boys is that they like to “mark” and have a hard time potty training. This can be true, however, if properly nuetered at the right time, this tendency is greatly improved and they can usually be trained just as well as the females. In the long run, there are great advantages to owning a male….they tend to be less moody, usually much more affectionate, and the biggest advantage of all is that they do not shed their coats as often as the females. Of course the males, (just like every other species, except for humans, of course…”grin”) are usually the prettiest and have the nicest coats. They will still shed some, and lose some of their coat once a year or so, but not nearly as much as the females do. All in all, they make extraordinary pets and incredibly loyal companions, and my boys stay happy all the time! (Just love ’em and feed ’em and they are happy! mmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it?!)
Now for the girls….the biggest complaint about girls is losing their coat once or twice a year and dealing with their cyles….however, this can be greatly improved by spaying as it is related to hormonal cycles. They also tend to be a little “bossy” and “independent”, and somewhat “moody” in my experience (wow…I’m realizing we girls are the same everywhere! “grin”)….however…….having said all that, there is just something about the girls, well, we’re just irresistible, don’t you think?!
Bottom line is that both genders come with their own particulars, but truthfully pomeranians have personalities that completely steal your heart….each one is individual and unique, and you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. (And it is truly hard to own just one! “grin”)

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