September 25, 2008
Bella’s beautiful girls will all be leaving us soon and we hate to see them go. They are such a special group of little ladies and so playful and fun. Leila’s puppies are getting bigger too and really starting to get playful and in their “adorable” stage. Everyone who sees them thinks they look like little stuffed animals…too cute to be real! Taz has given us some beautiful pups with these last few litters.
We have bred our beautiful blue merle with a couple of our girls and we are anxiously awaiting to see if any of the breedings took. These would be his first litters so we are obviously very excited to see what he will produce. He comes from some great lines and he is one of the prettiest poms we have produced with his unusual coat coloring and markings. Keep checking back and we will post news of upcoming litters if we think any took.

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