August 11, 2008
Well, Leila’s babies are finally here….it was a very long labor for her, but she has a beautiful litter of six little pomeranian puppies. She had three whites, one black with white tipped feet, and two cream sables. Two females, four males. We have been very blessed with males this year! “grin”
Many people prefer females, but truthfully, males are wonderful pets, especially if nuetered early. They are a lot less trouble and shed far less as well. Because they do not “blow” their coats as often as the females do, they usually end up being the prettier dogs. Still, there are those who really prefer one or the other for various reasons, but, you really can’t go wrong with a pom of any gender!
Mom and babies are doing great (much better than me! “grin”)
Leila is a very good mom, with strong maternal instincts and has large litters with lots of milk. This will be her last litter for awhile, as she needs some time to rest and play. These pups are all so cute….we will have pics posted soon.

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