August 18, 2008
Dakota has successfully landed in North Carolina and her new mom just called to say she was fine. It is always sad to leave them at the airport…but so nice to get that call, knowing that they are in safe hands now.
She will get all the attention and love she deserves and we are so excited about that. I wish I could keep them all….but my husband already puts up with a lot! “grin”
Heidi’s pups are getting cuter by the day….so playful and full of life and energy. They love to explore EVERYTHING! It reminds me of the days when my children were toddlers….always into everything and wanting to experiment with everything that they came into contact with. _It doesn’t change much when they are teenagers…..they just explore bigger things!_ “grin” At least that is my experience with boys! The toys just get bigger! “grin”
If you are looking for a loving, fun, and energetic companion, loyal to the end, then poms are perfect for you….they are such a special breed. Many of the families who adopt my poms already own or have owned a pom. That is such a testimony to the breed….
Raised in the right environment and properly socialized, they will be life long irreplaceable companions.

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