January 7, 2014

Well this is my first post of the New Year…..what an amazing year this last one was on so many levels.  We had a wedding (my daughter) and a new baby (my son) and between those two things and lots of new puppies it made for a very busy year!  But it was such a great year and we are so blessed to have placed our babies in such wonderful, loving homes.  I never cease to be amazed at how many people are as crazy for poms as I am and it is so much fun meeting you and making new friends! We had a record number of litters in 2013 and we do NOT plan on trying to beat that record!  LOL….  It was a lot of work! 🙂  But we do have some fantastic litters planned for 2014 and we hope our pups will just keep getting better in all regards if that is possible.  Thanks to all of you who joined our “family” in 2013 and made it such a fun year!

It is cold and brown here in Texas (actually the cold part is unusual, but nice). But believe it or not, this is the time of year we have to work hard outside in preparation for Spring and the hot summer ahead.  I am not very motivated to go out to the barren, brown and lifeless state of affairs, but I have to view it like the sunrise…..the cold dark morning is pretty lifeless, but soon the “glow” appears and before long the light begins to appear and cast such a beautiful aura everywhere.  We are in the cold dark morning right now, but soon the glow will appear and life will begin springing up everywhere….isn’t that amazing?….every year without fail, the little flowers start to spring up in the forest and soon the trees begin to blossom….I can hardly wait.  Even in the deepest of our darkness, just over the horizon, …… there is always a hope of something wonderful.

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