July 3, 2009
Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, safe and happy weekend. July 4th always holds a special place for us now, having a son who just served 5 years in the military. I know firsthand that freedom comes with a great price and most of us take for granted so many of the freedoms we have in America. Our sons, and fathers, and brothers have made such incredible sacrifices to allow us to live in a country that is amazing, even with inherent problems, just as every country has. I wish you all a wonderful weekend….make sure you have a hot dog and some potato salad….and don’t forget the watermelon! We will be having lots of ICE and tea! This heat is almost unbearable. Our poms are enjoying their plastic waterpool and they think it is their “hot tub”….hilarious to watch. Hopefully I will get some pictures of that for the fun pics page. They stay wet and dirty, but they know how to stay COOL!

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