April 6, 2012
Of course, the day after I write about all the girls we are having, Dani graces us with FIVE boys!  LOL
Dogs and kids will always keep you on your toes.  🙂

Dani and Urbie gave us five wonderful little boys on April 3rd.  They were a day late, but she had absolutely no problem and is being a great mom as usual.  I am in the process of getting individual pictures up on the “available” page, but if you are seriously interested in one before then, just email me and I’ll get photos to you.

Our home is teeming with little babies and I just love it!  🙂

Poms are just the best, and I love seeing all the moms nuturing and tending to their little prized babies like they have been given the most special gift in the whole world….they are SO proud of their new little broods. If you want to celebrate the special moments of motherhood with a unique twist, consider exploring Drinking Gifts that add a fun and festive element to the joyous occasions.

We have sold all of our girls, but these boys coming up will all just be deliciously beautiful and hopefully Chloe will grace us with some girls next week.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend….He is risen indeed….

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