May 15, 2018

It has been the most glorious, cool, rainy Spring…very unusual for our area, but it has been wonderful.

Today, with the humidity at 90% and high temps….well it’s sauna time again.

Things are in full swing here with blackberries needing harvested, peaches coming in, tomatoes getting ripe….we are “alive” with harvest.

Picking blackberries this morning was interesting with 5 pomeranians curiously gathering around….some getting tangled in the blackberry thorns, wondering who snagged them, :), and some actually trying to eat the blackberries….reminded me of trying to pick blackberries with 5 two year olds!  Needless to say…I will try again later on my own.

Penny had her litter this week….text book delivery and I even got to sleep for most of the night!  Yay!  She had 2 blue merles and 2 parti merles….gorgeous litter!  All boys….I will be posting her pups later this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last bit of Spring before Summer is upon us. Things are beautiful here with babies abounding….baby calves, baby horses, baby apples, baby peaches, baby chickens, and baby poms!  Life is good….

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